Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Balancing Perfectly - A skillful hobby

We have in our previous posts talked about a lot of hobbies people adopt around the world. From indoor games to trekking, from gazing the star full of sky at cold winter nights to going fishing early in the morning when everyone else in the family is asleep, and of course baking a pizza or brownies in the oven or even writing a blog. all these hobbies reflect the taste, mood and mind of a hobbyists.

Let us talk of a new hobby today - the hobby of balancing things PERFECTLY.

Some may contest what is so special about this hobby? But when this post is scrolled down, one would be left speech less and awe stricken as to how someone can achieve the perfect balance by placing things one over the other - even balls above balls and coins above coins. Remember building a castle with a pack of cards? This is exactly what I am talking of. But herein under is much more than that.

Here is how it goes:

This is perfect balance - right on the edge of a sheer drop of thousands of feet. A slip of the wheel and one goes down rolling for a never return. But still people are there who dare. Mind you these are not professionals like those crossing Niagara Falls on a string with a balancing rod in their hands. These are people who adopt the hobby of achieving perfect balance and they dare!!
 Here you find an ordinary man, just like you and me - but look how perfectly he has balanced a water melon on a gas cylinder resting on his head, even when he is riding a bike on a busy road.

Balancing cards one over the other is one thing - but balancing these on a sleeping buddy is something else.

 How about round coins resting upon each other?


This last act of achieving perfect balance is amazing. look at the third girl how she is resting on the foot of the second girl which has been raised backwards in a most critical angle. This amazing.

Have you ever tried any of these? It takes time in achieving consistancey.

Photos shared from Funzug


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