Monday, January 10, 2022

10 Top Amazing Remote Controlled Toys

My passion of remote controlled gadgets dates back to my childhood when one of my elder brothers and a friend used to build and fly balsa wood made aircraft back in the 1960s. At that time RC gadgets were a novelty, specially in our country Pakistan where this hobby has not yet attracted a sizeable number of fans.

But by and by the enthusiasts grew around the world and from tiny gadgets of a few feet, now life size aeroplanes are being flown and one is amazed at the enormity of the size of these RC gadgets. I have already shared a video on 10 biggest  RC planes ever.

After a pause of lot of time, I just wanted if there a re big tanks too that are being made. So I surfed the net and was amazed to see how much big tanks and other wheeled platforms are being made with so much of perfection and near actual shapes and comparative shapes and weight. 

Watch the video below and tell me which gadget you liked the most:

Photo and video: TTI-English
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