When I was a small child, keeping hobbies was very much in. Wherever one went, the elders would invariably ask, “What is your hobby?” And every kid in those had a hobby. Mostly kids collected stamps, coins, match box covers, read books, collected post cards and many other things.  I for myself collected stamps and would spend my pocket money in buying stamps to add to my collection.
One of my brothers loved making small aero planes from balsa wood and paper, installed a small engine and flew it with remote control. Mind you I am talking of the age when such hobby was very rare and no one knew much of these small aero planes that he used to fly from Lahore Flying Club’s runway. The place from where he bought the kits was known as Hobby Lobby. And all along these years, the name of the shop always fascinated me.
Although I wanted to name my blog Hobby Lobby, but there are already many blogs with this name. So I made it Hobby Shobbys – a forum for the hobby lovers. While I have a separate and exclusive blog on philately (My Philatelic World), I wanted to have a forum for likes of others as well. So this blog of mine is a platform for all hobbyists and their hobbies. I shall share all news and details of every hobby that interests people around the globe and would welcome everyone to share their views on their hobbies here.