Thursday, November 24, 2011

Pet keeping Hobby

In my previous posts, I have added many new hobbies people adopt around the world. Today we will talk of pet keeping as a hobby. Like some of the most favourite hobbies, pet keeping is also one of the widely adopted hobbies around the world. Keeping pets is popular from children to old, and more so in children who find friends in their pets and are almost inseparable once the two get along well.

I once heard one pet hobbyist saying that she loved her pets just like her children – and how right she was, since by and by the tending of pets becomes as dearer and kinder as that of one’s own off springs.  And especially for the reason that the pets once adopted become pet holder and hobbyists’ sole responsibility.
There is no restriction on keeping the kind of animal, bird or fish. People even go petting deadly reptiles like snakes and alligators. I once went to a friend’s home and was almost horror stricken when I found a big black cobra coming towards me – before I could die of horror, my friend realised my plight and laughingly grabbed the monster and put him inside the cage.

Most popular pets however remain dogs, cats, small birds and animals like deer and many forms of fish. You may not be surprised to know that dead-pets keeping is also a hobby for some.

I will build up the pet section of my blog in days to come. My next post will be on Anatolian Shepherd dogs – I will tell you why, when I write the post soon, I promise.