Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hobby Types – Cooking

Man cannot live without food and eating. But it is not the food one eats that matters, it is how the food is really cooked that matters the most. That is why so much care is taken by housewives and chefs around the world to cook meals and food for the people you really love and care about. Cooking thus is one of the most favourite hobbies the world over. Exclusive TV channels for teaching cooking and preparing new dishes throng the cable world, besides lot of magazines available on bookstalls related to cooking.
Cooking cannot produce delicious and yummy foods unless one puts one’s heart into one’s cooking. That is what makes cooking as a widespread hobby around the world. Cooking encompasses all types of methods and tools, combination of different ingredients to induce aromatic flavor and taste into one’s cooking. Besides, even with the same amount of ingredients, the taste would be different as the method and modalities differ from people to people. And of course unless the heart is there, the taste would be pathetic and ordinary.
One always loves the food cooked by one’s mother as there is no substitute to northerly’s love which she puts into the food she cooks for her off springs. And the same goes for the food cooked by a loving wife for her husband and the rest of the family. One can straightaway feel the difference in taste and know the mood of his mother or wife.
Housewives, cooks and chefs around the world innovate their styles to produce mouth watering dishes for their loved ones. Each country and region has its own taste and style depending on the indigenous aesthetics, types of agricultural produce, economic and religious considerations and constraints. One really has to adapt to the food of an area one is moving to. For example foods of Pakistan and India are very rich in spices and are often termed as “hot” by majority of the people around the world visiting these two countries as use of red chilies is very restricted in foods around the world.
The traditional cooking is often labeled as continental, oriental, Asian, Arabic, Mexican and Italian, beside others. One can find restaurants which specialize in a particular type of cooking or cooking belonging to a region. But whatever is the style or type, cooking is the way to express one’s love and affection for the loved ones.
We will talk of types of cooking, cooking methods and some recipes in the following posts. Till then bon appétit.


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