Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Collecting Antique Dolls

I once thought dolls and small girls go together well. But that was too naïve of me, as I later found out that like collecting stamp, coins, postcards, buttons and many other things, collecting dolls is also a very likeable hobby and is certainly not restricted to girls and teenagers.  As for me, I do not know anything except the Barbies that throng the show cases of stores and rooms of daughters of friends. But as I started knowing about this hobby, I was amazed about its vastness.
While there are many types of dolls, antique dolls are something special and different. To collect these dolls, you have to have a taste for these as these porcelain made dolls would look quite different and lifeless. But those who like them find them fascinating and charming. These dolls are otherwise a worthwhile investment as these fetch a good price in auctions. I have seen some dolls with price tag of over $ 1,000 and much more.
The Antique Dolls have an exclusive collectors’ community and are therefore not easy to find, just like other dolls. Special auctions are perhaps the best place to buy these dolls, provided you want to invest and have a pocket full of green bills. Likewise there are special dealers who deal in the antique dolls. If you are not into collecting antique dolls, you will have to do a little research and spend some time on the net to find where and how to get these antique dolls to add to your existing collection.
The antique stores and garage sale are the places to find these exclusive dolls. And one last place – ask your grandma when she is cleaning her junkyard and help her to do so. You may find some relics hidden in some wooden treasure box she hadn’t opened for decades.
Antique Dolls Photos Courtesy: Porcelain Dolls (Dolan Gallery)


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