Monday, December 3, 2018

Photo shootout of Pale Sunset Light

Sunsets are always appealing for the hues these last fading pale yellow sunlight. I always look for this appealing light falling on my house or its surroundings to make it memorable for me and others to adore !!

Herein under are a few shots I recently took, making the sunset immortal.

The bird flying to catch the last sun rays of the evening.

Here are a couple of more shots:

All photos have been shot by me !!

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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Astronomers find first Exomoon outside our solar system

Good news for the astronomers viewing our blog:  There is a new moon outside our solar system, some 800 light years away.

Scroll down for video

This enormous 'exomoon' is similar in size to the gas giant Neptune and orbits a planet 8,000 light years away called Kepler-1625b. It may be added that so far many exosuns have been discovered, but this is the first time an exomoon has been discovered by the astronomers.

'This would be the first case of detecting a moon outside our solar system,' said  Dr David Kipping, an assistant professor of astronomy at Columbia University.  

Astronomers find first Exomoon outside our solar system: Rocky satellite the size of NEPTUNE is orbiting a gas giant 8,000 light years from Earth

With the help of the Hubble space telescope, an entire 19-hour journey of the distant planet across the surface of its star has been observed. It is reported that three and a half hours after the completion of the event the team then saw a smaller dip in the star's brightness, indicating the passing of a smaller object in front of the star.

See the video by NASA below:
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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Amazing Simultaneous Display of Two RC Aircraft

I have been sharing videos of radio controlled gadgets like aircraft, ships, cars and tanks in my previous posts. But today I came across a very different kind of video of two radio controlled aircraft flown simultaneously and demonstrating acrobats which spell bounded me.

Scroll down for the video

In fact the show was more of the skills of the two flayers wit their ground stations who showed their master skills and demonstrated these in a very well coordinated air show which we normally see in Dubai or Paris air shows.

The roll over movement of both the aircraft is simply breathtaking - something that at least I have not seen in RC aircraft demonstrations before. Watch the vide below and enjoy the flying of these two RC birds showing remarkable slying skills of the ground controllers:

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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

First Super Moon of 2018

The new year 2019 started with a big super moon as a goodwill sign from the Nature. While the New Year's celebrations painted the skies around the world with multi coloured fire works and their bursting and cracking sounds, Nature preserved this surprise for the world a day later on the first day of the year.

While there will be many full moons later this year, as per NASA, this was the "biggest and brightest" one for the entire year.
As an avid lover of sunsets and moons, I was there to catch the last setting sun of the year which slowly went down taking along itself many tragedies and happy moments from across the universe. and I am sure all sky gazers and astronomy lovers would have been there on their rooftops or among the Nature itself somewhere in a desolate place, a lake side or a hill top or even the window of their houses watching end and begging of the two years.

This year will have many moon sightings, the one at the at of this month on 31 January when we will get a chance to see first Blue Moon of the year. For the information of those not having any idea of what super moon is, here it is how it happens: The phenomenon "super moon" occurs when the moon becomes full on the same day it reaches its perigee, the point in the moon's elliptical orbit when it is closest to Earth.

As for the Blue Moon, the simple definition is that it is a type of Full Moon - looking blue. It is caused by a rare type of dust in the atmosphere. However, sometimes Blue Moon may look red, because it will cause a total lunar eclipse, also known as a Blood Moon. So stay tuned and be ready to witness the first Blue Moon of the year on 31 January 2018.

Photos by me !!
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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Remembering Demis Roussos - whose voice swam with the rhythm of music

Teen age is the age when one loves to listen to hard, thrilling and fast moving music as was the mood in my teenage in the late sixties and early seventies. I was then avid listener of The Beatles, Abba, The Iron Butterfly, Tom Jones and many top artists of the time and I still do listen to them from my saved collection of LPs and CDs.

But then someday a new voice went by me - the voice was so melodious, enchanting and absorbing that I fast re winded the cassette I was listening to and played it again: It was Forever and Ever by  an unknown singer to me - Demis Roussos.  But from that day onward, Demis became one of my top of the chart singer. Since then, there hasn't been any song by this legendary singer that I have missed listen to.

Born in Alexandria, Egypt in a Greek family, Demis came and captured the hearts of millions, just like the Egyptian born Omar Sharif did as an actor,  and his albums sold like hot cakes. His Forever and Ever was his debut to take him directly to the hall of fame and his melodious voice changed moods of people engrossed in depression and boosted their spirits.

His family moved to Greece after they lost all their possessions in the Suez Canal conflict of the 50s and he went into the music. He joined many bands, but it was his We shall dance in the early 70s that sent ripples in the music industry and music lovers. But 1973's Forever and Ever was the breakthrough and from then on there was no turning back.

It was too sad when we lost Demis in 2015 - but his melodies stay behind - still as  fresh as these were sung for the first time and heard across the globe. He had some 60 millions albums sold. In 2016, Demis' children Emily and Cyril opened the Demis Roussos Museum in Nijkerk, The Netherlands. The museum is a run down of Demis' life, his photos, awards and music. The Netherlands was chosen because of the connection Roussos had from 1986 onwards with Dutch-based label BR Music.

This post will be incomplete if his most sung song is not shared - one of his most melodious and famous song that still echoes in my memory lane since I first listened to it in my teenage:

Demis Roussos will always be missed - forever and ever !!

Photo Demis Roussos Courtesy Old Time Religion Radio Hour
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Saturday, December 23, 2017

10 Awesome Mountain Peaks of Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the blessed countries of the world for its northern areas are full of breathtaking mountain peaks, four of which are the mighty eight thousanders including the K-2, the second highest peak after Mt. Everest. I have been sharing the photos of some of the mountains of our northern Gilgit Baltistan province before and here are ten more. 
 Nanga Parbat (Eight Thousander) as seen from the Sheosar Lake
 Ladyfinger Peak of Karakoram Range near Hunza
The Mighty Trango Towers - the most unscalable verticals in the world
Haramosh Peak of Karakoram Range

Here are five more, though list may continue on and on:
 The beauty of Baltistan
 Rakaposhi Mountain rising from ground level till its pinnacle as seen from KKH
The famous Passu Cones along KKH
The Golden Peak of Karakoram Range near village of Nagar
And finally the formidable Pyramid shaped K-2, the second highest in the world. Also known as Chogori (in local language) or the Mt Godwin Austen

I will continue to share more photos of awesome, formidable, spectacular and beautiful mountain peaks of Pakistan in coming posts. 

All photos has been shared with due courtesy of Northern Areas of Pakistan

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Monday, December 11, 2017

Birdwatching - Birds of Pakistan Part 1

We more often than not ignore beautiful birds that keep flying around us and generally do not really care. But there are people who have an eye to spot these beautiful birds, photograph them and save for us to see. So here I am with the first batch of beautiful birds of Pakistan, that are not only beautiful, vividly coloured and eye catching, but also speak volumes about the shooting skills of the bird watchers and use of their cameras just about the right way. 

In this post today, I am sharing photos taken by Mohsan Raza Ali, who shares his birding photos at Facebook. Most of these photos have been shot at F-9 Park, Islamabad, the Margalla Hills and the surrounding areas.
Sunbird (Female) 
Oriental white eye
Red Minivet

Continue to scroll down for many more beautiful and colourful birds of Pakistan:
White Throated Fantail
Common starling
Oriental white-eye
Cinereous Tit
Fighting Swallows
Pied kingfisher
This is the first batch of photos by Mohsan Reza Ali - in time I shall share more of his photos about life, Islamabad and landscape he shoots with equal passion and professional eye.

About the Photographer:

Mohsan Raza Ali hails from city of Multan and is now settled in Islamabad. Besides his wonderful hobby of bird watching and photography, he is computer science graduate from Islamic University, Islamabad and has been a senior Software Engineer at Bentley Systems, Development Manager at Aspose, Development Manager at Data Focal Innovations and an Application Architect at LMKR.

All photos above are the property of Mohsan Raza Ali and have been shared with his due permission. His photos can be seen on Facebook | Caption Photos: Crimson Sunbird

The post orginally appeared at my blog JahoJalal
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Friday, September 22, 2017

Fun of Instant Photography

There is no fun in photography than instant and impromptu photography. While previously it was rather difficult for the amateurs photographers as they did not always carry a camera - but now with the camera mobile phones, instant photography has become much to easier.

I, being an amateur photographer, am too facilitated by my mobile phone to catch instant moments and nature. The photo above that of a double rainbow is one such moment that I was able to capture while waiting at a traffic signal.I could not take many shots, but of the two I took, this one was rather clear and better.

Do you as amateur photographer take instant shots too - it is simply fun. Isn't it?

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Get Ready for the Greatest Meteors Show of your Lifetime

Sky gazers are incredible people for they see something incredible and magnificent while the majority of the world sleeps. Sky gazers see stars falling, galaxies moving and meteors showering across the sky and witness the wondrous world of the Nature.

Well jus about two weeks from now, there is going to be an incredible meteor shower night - 12th August to be exact and sky gazers a round the world are notified not to miss the night - for it may be one the most beautiful nights of their lives. According to the astronomers, this will be the brightest and most lit night in the recorded human history. The sky will be so bright that the light could even be visible during the day.

As per Ski-Tech Univers, "This meteor shower is being considered as once in a lifetime opportunity as the next meteor shower of such kind will be after 96 years."

So be there on your roof top or camp at night on a hilltop away from the lights of the city to really enjoy thios greatest show on the sky of your life.


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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Photo shoot of a beautiful evening

 It was a wonderful evening today. The sky was full of dark grey and black clouds in the East. But in the West, the fading sun was able to pierce through the dark black thick clouds and spray its last fading sunlight everywhere before disappearing over the horizon for the day. 
The huge Bismarckia plant got its full share of golden sun rays

Scroll down for more below.

I was out just by chance and was fascinating and awe struck by the beautiful colour combination of dark background with a golden pale sunlight on the building in front. And just could not resist to take a couple of shots - which perhaps are my best setting sun photos.

Here are some more:


I hope you liked these.
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