Thursday, September 22, 2011

Postage stamps of Pakistan - 1973 from my collection

Occasion: 500th Birth Anniversary of Copernicus, Issue Date: 19 February, Denomination: Paisa 20, Display: Copernicus in observatory
Occasion: 50th Anniversary of Moenjodaro excavation, Issue Date: 23 February, Denomination: Paisa 20, Display: Moenjodaro archaeological remains and a statue of woman
Occasion: Centenary of International Metro logical Organization, Issue Date: 23 March, Denomination: Paisa 20, Display: Elements of Meteorology
Occasion: Prisoners of War, Issue Date: 18 April, Denomination: Rs. 1.25, Display: Prisoners of War
Occasion: Constitution Week, Issue Date: 21 April, Denomination: Paisa 20, Display: National Assembly building and the constitution book
Occasion: 25th Anniversary of State Bank of Pakistan, Issue Date: 1 July, Set: 2 stamps, Denomination: Paisa 20 and Re 1, Display: State Bank building and Emblem
Occasion: 9th Anniversary of RCD, Issue Date: 21 July, Set: 3 stamps, Denomination: Paisa 20, Paisa 60 and Rs. 1.25, Display: Left to Right: Statue from Lut Desert Excavation (Iran), Main Street of Moenjodaro Excavation (Pakistan), Mausoleum of Antiochus 1 (Turkey) 
Occasion: Independence Day and enforcement of the New Constitution, Issue Date: 14 August, Denomination: Paisa 20, Display: National standard of Pakistan and the Constitution Book
Occasion: 25th Death Anniversary of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the Quaid-e-Azam, Issue Date: 11 September, Denomination: Paisa 20, Display: Portrait of Muhammad Ali Jinnah
Occasion: Wildlife Series - Fishes, Issue Date: 24 September, Set: 4 stamps, Denomination: Paisa 10, 20, 60 and Re.1, Display: Top Row (Left to Right): Wollagoattu, Labeo Rohita, Bottom Row (Left to Right): Tilapia Mossamtica, Catla Catla
Occasion: Universal Children Day, Issue Date: 1 October, Denomination: Paisa 20, Display: Book, Child and School
Occasion: 10th Anniversary of W.E.P, Issue Date: 15 October, Denomination: Paisa 20, Display: Harvesting farmer and emblem of WEP
Occasion: 50th Anniversary of Turkish Republic, Issue Date: 29 October, Denomination: Paisa 50, Display: Mustafa Kamal Ataturk (the founder of modern Turkey) and city of Ankara
Occasion: Silver Jubilee of National Scouts Jamboree, Issue Date: 11 November, Denomination: Paisa 20, Display: Boy scout waving to new horizons
Occasion: 25th Anniversary of Declaration of Human Rights, Issue Date: 18 November, Denomination: Paisa 20, Display: Basic necessities of life
Occasion: International Conference on Millinery of Al Beruni , Issue Date: 28 November, Set: 2 stamps, Denomination: Paisa 20 and Rs. 1.25, Display: Al Beruni and Nandana Hills
Occasion: Centenary of Hansen's Discovery of Leprosy Bacillus, Issue Date: 28 December, Denomination: Paisa 20, Display: Dr Hansen's microscope and Bacillus