Saturday, December 25, 2010

Hobby Types – Outdoors

While indoors hobbies like collecting stamps. coins, dolls, postcards and matchbox covers and cooking and scale modeling attract people as individuals or those not wanting to venture outside and wander into wilderness and suffer the rigours of the weather. But those who love adventure no matter how severe the weather or the terrain is, there can be no comparison in indulging into outdoor hobbies with those inside. Although some of the indoor hobbies also allow investments, outdoor hobbyists not only enjoy the nature more closely but also improve their health, physique beside attracting and making lot of like minded people and friends.
There is a long list of outdoor hobbies and some are really challenging. Bungee jumping for instance is both fun and adventure, requiring a very high standard of physical fitness and a fearless heart. For those who want to gaze far beyond the horizon into the sky above, astronomy is one of the most likeable outdoor hobbies. Coupled with camping, both hobbies provide an excellent combination of adventure and sky gazing.  The recent occurrence of the lunar eclipse attracted a large number of sky gazers around the world to spend hours in watching the moon to change its colour till it become red when fully eclipsed. Sky and bird watching also bring the hobbyists close to the nature and watch the awesome changing cloud formations and watching majestic birds flying overhead. Adding taste to camping is the love of fishing in a nearby lake. Those who go out camping, bird watching or fishing, usually take their cameras along to catch some memorable moments while adding skills and colours to their hobby of photography.
Hot air ballooning is another most favoured outdoor hobby for those who love birds and want to hover over the land and watch the world from an elevated platform. Over the years, this hobby has become an international event and hobbyists from around the world now participate in these competitions to prove their skills and satisfy their love of flying.
Mountaineering is yet another outdoor hobby which coupled with trekking, skiing and hiking makes it one of the widespread choices of hobbyists around the world. The hobby usually starts from hiking and trekking and then takes one to the cliffs and vertical climbs either for the love of skiing or the quest to conquer the virgin peaks.
The motorcycle and car racing is for those who dare to handle machines to their extreme design limits. To this drag car racing has also been added recently. Despite the hazards of the fatal-accident prone hobby, those who dare still go to test their machines and driving skills inside race tracks or in the deserts of Africa and Sahara. Likewise e boat racing is yet another challenging pastime out there in the sea or rivers. For powerless machine lovers cycling is the easiest but a challenge that brings about physical strength of the hobbyists.
And as if that is the end of the list. There is so much more to it that we will discuss each in coming days.