Monday, November 15, 2021

How things are made: Amazing Korean Cheese Mass Production

One of my best hobbies to view videos on How things are made. And let me tell you sometimes one really wonders how someone came up with the designing and functioning of very sophisticated chain of machines that bring plain raw material into refined processed end products. 

Who doesn't like cheese? Well majority of snacks and burgers are meaningless and tasteless if cheese is not added to these. We have been making cheese in our homes since ages but I never knew how cheese is made in mass scale. Today I came across a video of an amazing process of making cheese at mass scale. 

The video that I am going to share is about a cheese factory located in Imsil, Korea. This business started in 1964 with the cheese making method passed down by a Belgian priest and has expanded to a local industry. It is a clean and hygienic factory. It is impressive to see a large amount of milk turned into cheese.

Words cannot explain the intricate process of cheese production. Also watch the hygienic standards of the workers involved in the cheese making process. Now watch the video below:
Mind blowing, wasn't it? Well we keep sharing more videos in time and tell you How things are made!!

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