Thursday, November 22, 2012

November - the month of the migratory birds to the delight of bird watchers

November brings along hundred and thousands of migratory birds from frozen and freezing Siberia and the cold struck Central Asian Republics to the rather 'warmer' waters of Pakistan and remain our guests till March, when they start to go back to their homes where the snow would soon start to melt.

Black Swans, Houbara Bustard and swarms of migratory birds arrive Pakistan in November
The in-numerous wetlands of Pakistan stretched from north to south provide natural habitat to these migratory birds, who not only survive the winters but also lay eggs and rear their young ones to take them back home.

The birds include  majestic swans and Flamingos, beside many other species like the Marbled Teal, White-headed Duck, Eurasian Spoonbill, Dalmatian Pelican which throng the wetlands in Pakistan. 


For the bird watchers, the arrival of these countless migratory birds’ provides an opportunity to flock the wetlands and enjoy their presence. I am witness to a large flock of a birds in an artificial lake in Sandh and Gabbar villages inside the desert near Rahim Yar Kha, in the Southern Punjab province of Pakistan. I still remember the majestic black swans flying over me beside a horde of other species. 

One of the endangered species that comes along with the migratory birds is the Houbara Bustard - now almost on the verge of extinction. It is sad to see this bird being hunted by the Arab dignitaries through specially tamed falcons which are let lose and then they prey the poor Houbara Bustard right in the air and bring these back. 

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