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Pakistan's Postage Stamps - 1972

Pakistan issued a postage stamps on 11 different occasions during 1972. I may be noted that despite creation of Bangla Desh, the erstwhile East Pakistan in December 1971, the stamps issued by Pakistan during the whole of 1972 continued to bear word Pakistan in the Bengali text.

Herein under are the stamps from collection issued during the year 1972.
Occasion: International Book Fair, Issue Date: 15 January 1972, Set: 2 stamps, Denomination: Paisa 20 Each, Display: Children learning to read Quran (upper stamp), Venice in Peril (lower stamp)
Occasion:25th Anniversary of ECAFE, Issue Date: 28 March 1972, Denomination: Paisa 20, Display: ECAFE Emblem and Discs
Occasion:World Health Day, Issue Date: 7 April 1972, Denomination: Paisa 20, Display:Human Heart
Occasion:UN Conference on the Human environment, Stockholm, Issue Date: 5 June 1972, Denomination: Paisa 20, Display:Emblem and words "Only One Earth"
Occasion: 8th Anniversary of the RCD, Issue Date: 21st July 1972, Set: 3 stamps, Denomination: Paisa 10, 20 and 50, Display: Fisherman By Cevat Dereli - Turkey (10 Paisa stamp),  Iranian Women By Behzad, Iran (50 Paisa stamp), Will & Power By A.R. Chugtai, Pakistan (20 Paisa stamp)
On the eve of 25th Anniversary of the Independence, two sets of stamps were issued on 14 August 1972. The first set consisted of 2 stamps as shown above. The stamps of Paisa 10 and 60 denominations displayed portrait of Jinnah and Minare-e-Pakistan (Paisa 10 stamp), Building State Bank of Pakistan, Islamabad (Paisa 60 stamp) 
The second set of four stamps issued on the 25th Anniversary of the Independence depicted display of various field in which Pakistan had progressed and made significant development. All stamps had a face value of Paisa 20. The stamps displayed (from top to bottom): Land Reforms, Labour Reforms, Education Policy and Health Policy by the newly formed government of Zulfiquar Ali Bhutto.
Occasion:National Blood Transfusion Service, Issue Date: 6 September 1972, Denomination: Paisa 20, Display:Emblem and the figure showing blood donation
Occasion:Centenary of Population Census of Pakistan, Issue Date: 18 September 1972, Denomination: Paisa 20, Display:People shown around squares
Occasion:Universal Children Day, Issue Date: 2 October 1972, Denomination: Paisa 20, Display:Children of slums
Occasion:Education Week, Issue Date: 23 October 1972, Denomination: Paisa 20, Display:Children shown reading a book with Urdu and English inscriptions
The last stamp of the year was issued on the eve of Inauguration of Karachi Nuclear Power Plant (KANUPP) - the first of its kind in Pakistan. The stamp was issued on 28th November 1972 and the face value of Paisa 20. The stamp displayed the drawing of the Power Plant's elevation on a multicoloured background.

Pakistan Stamps with Bangladesh Overprint:
Meanwhile, the newly created Bangladesh, the erstwhile East Pakistan, continued to use Pakistani stamps with Bangladesh overprint till they issued their own first indigenous stamps.

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