Saturday, December 23, 2017

10 Awesome Mountain Peaks of Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the blessed countries of the world for its northern areas are full of breathtaking mountain peaks, four of which are the mighty eight thousanders including the K-2, the second highest peak after Mt. Everest. I have been sharing the photos of some of the mountains of our northern Gilgit Baltistan province before and here are ten more. 
 Nanga Parbat (Eight Thousander) as seen from the Sheosar Lake
 Ladyfinger Peak of Karakoram Range near Hunza
The Mighty Trango Towers - the most unscalable verticals in the world
Haramosh Peak of Karakoram Range

Here are five more, though list may continue on and on:
 The beauty of Baltistan
 Rakaposhi Mountain rising from ground level till its pinnacle as seen from KKH
The famous Passu Cones along KKH
The Golden Peak of Karakoram Range near village of Nagar
And finally the formidable Pyramid shaped K-2, the second highest in the world. Also known as Chogori (in local language) or the Mt Godwin Austen

I will continue to share more photos of awesome, formidable, spectacular and beautiful mountain peaks of Pakistan in coming posts. 

All photos has been shared with due courtesy of Northern Areas of Pakistan

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