Sunday, December 24, 2017

Remembering Demis Roussos - whose voice swam with the rhythm of music

Teen age is the age when one loves to listen to hard, thrilling and fast moving music as was the mood in my teenage in the late sixties and early seventies. I was then avid listener of The Beatles, Abba, The Iron Butterfly, Tom Jones and many top artists of the time and I still do listen to them from my saved collection of LPs and CDs.

But then someday a new voice went by me - the voice was so melodious, enchanting and absorbing that I fast re winded the cassette I was listening to and played it again: It was Forever and Ever by  an unknown singer to me - Demis Roussos.  But from that day onward, Demis became one of my top of the chart singer. Since then, there hasn't been any song by this legendary singer that I have missed listen to.

Born in Alexandria, Egypt in a Greek family, Demis came and captured the hearts of millions, just like the Egyptian born Omar Sharif did as an actor,  and his albums sold like hot cakes. His Forever and Ever was his debut to take him directly to the hall of fame and his melodious voice changed moods of people engrossed in depression and boosted their spirits.

His family moved to Greece after they lost all their possessions in the Suez Canal conflict of the 50s and he went into the music. He joined many bands, but it was his We shall dance in the early 70s that sent ripples in the music industry and music lovers. But 1973's Forever and Ever was the breakthrough and from then on there was no turning back.

It was too sad when we lost Demis in 2015 - but his melodies stay behind - still as  fresh as these were sung for the first time and heard across the globe. He had some 60 millions albums sold. In 2016, Demis' children Emily and Cyril opened the Demis Roussos Museum in Nijkerk, The Netherlands. The museum is a run down of Demis' life, his photos, awards and music. The Netherlands was chosen because of the connection Roussos had from 1986 onwards with Dutch-based label BR Music.

This post will be incomplete if his most sung song is not shared - one of his most melodious and famous song that still echoes in my memory lane since I first listened to it in my teenage:

Demis Roussos will always be missed - forever and ever !!

Photo Demis Roussos Courtesy Old Time Religion Radio Hour
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