Friday, January 4, 2013

One Pound Fish to be 'sold' by Shahid Nazir at Le Grand Journal show - Paris

Muhammad Shahid Nazir, the One Pound Fish fame solo singer is going to France to sell Fish for One Pound at the annual Le Grand Journal show in Paris.

Although Shahid Nazir left for his home town Pattoki in Pakistan from UK in December, where he earned the fame in London selling fish, he is hopeful that he will get UK visa so that he continue to warm up the hearts of his countless fans there. Shahid was given a warm welcome at Lahore Air Port on his arrival, garlanded with fresh roses and carried on shoulders to the car parking from the air port terminal. Even ion his hometown, the children who do not understand a word of English are seen singing 'One Pound Fish' in the streets.

Already, several columns have been written and many leading commentators questioning why the government was quick in sending a singer out of the country, who brought smiles and joy to millions of people near Christmas 2012, while convicted terror radicals such as Jordanian Abu Qatada and many other convicts continued to enjoy Britain’s hospitality.

Reportedly, Shahid Nazir, who has become a household name in Britain, has been quoted as saying:
“I am going to appear in France’s biggest show. It’s anyone’s dream to appear in this show but I believe it’s Allah’s special blessing that I have been given visa without any hesitation. France has shown respect to my country and I am thankful to the French authorities for being kind towards me and allowing me a chance to meet my French fans.”

Shahid Nazir’s song has been watched by nearly 12 million people so far and everyday more than 200,000 people are watching the official song. Warner Music Group has released a slick new music video for ‘One Pound Fish’ replete with scantily-clad video babes, a pounding beat, and maybe a little bit of auto-tune, just for good measure.

Have you heard Shahid's One Pound Fish? Well if you have missed, here it is for:
It is believed Warner Music is making arrangements to take Nazir to America where he will duet with the likes of Timberland and other rap music stars.

Latest Update 2016:
Although Shahid Nazir was to return to England after he was asked to leave UK in 2012 as his student visa had expired, his successive efforts to obtain UK visa were refused and all his dreams to cash on his one pound fish as one pound wish has so far been unsuccessful. From 2016 onward, Shahid Nazir has faded away in the crowd somewhere in Pakistan - an indigenous talent gone for ever.

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