Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Top 10 Biggest RC Planes Ever !!

It was way back in the 1960s when I first came to know about the RC airplanes. One of my elder brothers had a flare for assembling kits of airplanes made of balsa wood and paper. He would artfully assemble his airplane kits and then we used to go to an abandoned air strip some distance away from our home where he used to fly the airplanes with the remote control gadgets.

Another friend of my elder brother, who was equally RC planes enthusiast, would join in for competition of how far their planes could go before getting out of the RC gadgets range. Sometimes the airplanes would crash and were brought back for reassembling and made flight worthy again.

Bu that was some six decades ago. Since then, the technology of making RC planes has undergone tremendous change and so has the range of the RC gadgets. While ordinary enthusiasts still fly smaller planes, there are professional hobbyists who go for bigger and bigger birds. And some planes really look tremendous and majestic when in the air. I came across this video of 10 biggest toy air planes and was really fascinated to see giant toy plane models taking off, flying, maneuvering and then landing. Do watch the video below and you will be amazed - really amazed !!
Have you seen these before?

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