Tuesday, August 6, 2019

When I am 64

Music is a very captivating hobby, for it can take you back in your memory lane and flash your life in fast forward. Or it can take you into the future. My post today is about one such song that took me into my future almost four decades ago. 

It was early 1972, when I, in my very teens, walked up to a nearby market, called Hall Road in Lahore, one day to buy a prized double jacketed freshly arrived LP of the Beatles: The Sgt Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band. Although, the album had been released somewhere in 1966 or 1967, but it was made available in market in Pakistan in 1972. 
The glistering and glowing double jacket of the album was fascinating with inner side containing portrait of the Beatles clad in the uniform, lyrics on the reverse and the band standing amid famous celebrities of the time. There was someone who was hovering his hand on Paul McCartney's head which later caused a rumor that Paul had died. Well nothing of that sort happened as Paul is still alive along with Ringo Starr, while John Lennon and George Harrison are no more.

Now coming back to the album. All the songs were really musical and entertaining. One of the song that I heard and I just shrugged off at the tender age of 17 was "When I am Sixty Four," by Paul McCartney. I just laughed at myself looking into the future when I would really be 64, for I was young, enterprising, with a full life ahead.

Well I was mistaken !!

The time and tide did not wait for me to be frozen to let me continue enjoying my carefree teenage and years started to roll by and there came 2019 when on 7 August I turn 64. Frankly speaking I had waited all these years since 1972 to be 64, which God willing I am today, and thought of writing this post. 

And I do it with a tinge of melancholy for my youth has just gone so quickly, in fact earlier than I thought when I was seventeen. Incidentally, although the theme is ageing, it was one of the first songs McCartney wrote, when he was 16, and included it in the album Sgt. Pepper in December 1966 because his father turned 64 earlier that year.

Join me in listening to the original score "When I'm 64" sung by Beatles' Paul McCartney - for it will take me back four decades before, while if some teen is reading this post will shrug off this post and song as rubbish and too early to be worried about:
But let me , timtell youe flies faster than we think !!

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  1. Great memories....crisp and to the or...Sir stay blessed

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