Friday, November 27, 2015

Look inside this yacht - this is what yacht lovers hobbyists like

Do you love sailing? I asked this as many people are not much very friendly with the blue waters or the green oceans. But there certainly are people who love sailing and that too in style. This is how they travel:

The luxury yachts are one of the most expensive floating planes that are tailored made for people with taste - a taste for which they have their pockets and coffers full of gold and dollars. When afloat, except for the jolts by the restless sea beneath the yacht, they feel as if sitting or lying in a posh Manhattan hotel.

These luxury yachts have everything one can dream of (those like me) and desire (the people of gold).Luxury beds with wide glass windows and bathrooms with steamy waters to relax after a heavy day and dinner tables lined with one of the best cutlery and crockery and food that one cannot even see in hotels and restaurants.

Yes, this all is possible if you have a few million dollars to 'spare' for your sporty taste on the sea. I am sharing the screen shots of a video I came across on Facebook - these are just the eye openers. There is much more in there.

Can't wait - then watch the video below:

Bilgin Yacht instagram collages
Bilgin Yacht instagram collages
Posted by Bilgin YACHT on Wednesday, November 25, 2015
Are you hobbyist of this class? Or just a lover of such yachts if you have a budgeted pocket like mine??

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