Monday, November 30, 2015

Adventure of motorcycling on extreme vertical climb

Man always has a passion for adventure and testing one's abilities to his extremes. This inborn instinct and desire has taken men to the top of the world at Mt. Everest even without oxygen support to the depths of the seas and sea holes and vast stretches of desert where normal humans cannot survive. But some of us are alway there.

Motorcycling, like many other adventurous hobbies, is one such passion for the motorcyclists to test their skills of driving and attempting feats that are unthinkable for the ordinary riders. I came across a video today on Facebook which speaks for itself and the passion of motorcycling on extreme vertical climbs of almost loose earth and making it to the top.

The video of this adventure is really blood warming and anyone who can ride a motorbike would be willing to take this challenge. Watch the video below and I am sure it will be an enough motivation to opt for such adventure given the opportunity:

Vertical climb... didn't think that was possible
Posted by Willy Foo - Photographer, Marketer, Technopreneur on Saturday, January 17, 2015
The video is shared on Facebook by Willy Foo - Photographer, Marketer, Technopreneur where you can find many more such adventure like videos

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