Sunday, November 15, 2015

Clouds on fire

Clouds always fascinate me and my younger son. In fact it was my younger son's interest in clouds that attracted me to these too. While in his early teens, he would often show me some beautiful cloud formations he would shoots with his cellular phone camera.

His interest in clouds also permeated in me and I too started taking photos whenever I saw some good set of clouds overhead. And today was one of the days. After lot of 'coercion' by my wife, I finally got out of my house for a much needed evening walk. As I started 'rolling' (over weight people walk - obese roll due to their mass!!) it was almost time for sunset. And the sun's rays had started to fall on the white and greyish clouds over me.

The changing colours and the skyscape was too compelling for me and I took pauses while walking and taking photos of the clouds as these were changing colours - as is evident from the photos I am sharing one by one.

 This photo was the time when the redness of the sunlight started to fall on the clouds and I forgot about my first day walk and focused more on the clouds.

Continuing to watch the clouds and clicking on my Galaxy S4 to preserve the moment - the time was almost near when the clouds were to catch fire - and then it was time. The clouds started to glow with the redness of fading sunlight as the sun was almost disappearing in the horizon.

These are not by Hubble Telescope of the galaxy somewhere beyond our reach, but simple clouds glowing like fire as the sun set. And I really cherished the moment and thanked my wife for pushing me from my computer chair on which I stay glued throughout the day and sending me for a walk that made me find these clouds and write this post.

Who knows tomorrow I find something else during my walk to write about!!!! 

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