Saturday, November 14, 2015

Egg Poaching - the easiest cooking ever

Kitchens are the best place where one can try unkown recipes and adding a bit of imagination. But when it comes to eggs, we generally use set pattern solutions: frying an egg or going for an omelet - though recipes can vary.

But a few try poaching an egg - we know there is something called an egg-poacher, but how many of us have really tried to poach an egg?

Well believe it or not, egg poaching is the easiest of all egg-making techniques and recipes. And the best thing is you do not get oil flying on your clothes if not varying an apron. All you need is water, a bit of vinegar and eggs.

Watch the video below shared at Facebook - it says all rather than I explaining the procedure:

How to Poach Eggs

Simple - isn't it? Are you heading for the kitchen right away to try it out?

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