Friday, September 27, 2013

Portraits of old Hollywood Celebrities made from Cardboard

Artists and hobbyists know no bounds when it comes to composing their art. While many great artists chose to paint with oil and water colours, many many others found other mediums that show their aesthetic sense and sense of composition.

You may have come across portraits of celebrities made of match boxes, bottle covers or even bottles. And today I came across an equally aesthetic artist Giles Oldershaw who chose the used cardboard sheets to draw the portraits of Hollywood celebrities.

Giles Oldershaw has redesigned the discarded packaging he came across as creative, layered portraits. By carving and tearing away at the material, Oldershaw exposes the ribbed texture sealed within. His meticulous precision and artistic ingenuity results in a spectacular set of Cardboard Relief Portraits.

Often choosing to pay homage to late great movie stars and entertainers—from the likes of Bette Davis and Peter O'Toole to Marlon Brando and Marilyn Monroe—Oldershaw has amassed a cardboard cast of old Hollywood celebrities.

Original pieces are available to purchase directly through his shop. The artist is also open to creating commissioned portraits, requested through his website.

I am certain sure you would have been able to recognise all or most of the artists with their cardboard faces above as drawn by Giles Oldershaw.

All photos / references above are courtesy Funzug

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