Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Amazingly realistic 3D images

Painting has always been a passion for many and even today when a majority of people have taken refuge in teir digital world and remain glued to their laptops, desktops or even smartphones, there are some who are not willing to do away witht ehir passion of painting.

And when it comes to the 3D images, the painters need to be giving a big filip as these almost take onlookers by surprise.

The painting of 3D images on pavements is growing across Europe and America and one is really spellbound to see these paintings.

Recently, street artist Kurt Wenner from USA created a playboy's bachelor pad in a Singapore Airport, a magic carpet for children to ride over an Arabian fantasy city and a grand prix car for local female drivers to try out during the Bahrain Grand Prix. And when you look at these, specially right there on the pavement, you will be nothing but flabbergasted.

Even watching the images on the internet is simply amazing,as can be seen from the image captioned 'The Flying Carpet' painted at Bettona, Italy above.


Watch the video below for a time-lapse amazing 3D photo being pained by Wenner:

Read more about it/see more 3d Images at: Daily Mail


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