Thursday, June 25, 2015

Patrick Macnee - The John Steed of The Avengers dies at 93

Macnee with Diana Rigg - the main stars of The Avengers

Those who watched TV in the 60s would remember Patrick Macnee - the main character of the TV serial The Avengers. Well if you remember him, he is no more as he dies at 93.

Patrick Macnee starred in the Avengers as John Steed, a secret agent, just like the 007. His female co partner Diana Rigg appeared as Miss Emma Peel. Both made an outstanding pair in the serial that ruled the TV world throughout the 60s - in black and white. 

Patrick Macnee was educated at Eton College, he served in the Royal Navy during World War Two, working on torpedo boats in the English Channel and the North Sea. After the war, he worked as an actor, taking on a number of small roles in film and TV.

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