Friday, July 3, 2015

Handstand at the edge of 3000 feet high cliff

Man has always been restive all along his life. It is his this inborn ability that makes him undertake amazing feats of physical fitness and endurance that amaze the onlookers. Whether it is climbing the Everest or jumping down from a skyscraper or wandering in the wilderness to test his physical enduring limits - we find man everywhere with awe inspiring experiences every now and then.

Just today, I came across one such man whose video was shared at the Facebook who did a handstand - not on plain ground, but on the edge of a 3,000 feet rugged cliff and then parachuting down and landing on the edge of a lake below. 

Now this is some test of one's abilities as such a feat over rugged mountains with stone boulders jutting out, which could be fatal and dangerous for anyone attempting the feat right from the edge of the cliff. But it is people like this dare devil that we see some of the most exciting and dangerous acts to our amazement.

Watch the video below and see how someone could gather guts to do a handstand from the edge of a cliff and then have a free fall over the boulders which could cause him bones breaking fatalities - but he still dared!!

Who likes doing hand stands :) Do you think you would want to do one on the edge of a 3,000 foot cliff :)
Posted by Jeb Corliss on Wednesday, May 20, 2015

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