Sunday, September 20, 2015

Australian photographer struck by lightning claims it gave him superhuman strength

Photographers face many challenges from running lions to underwater sharks and falling rocks on mountains or escaping the swollen rivers. But the passion and hobby of shooting and preserving moments continues despite putting one's life in danger.

It was  a similar scene of life and death when an Australian photographer was recently struck by a bolt while photographing lightning on a beach.

The blackened fingers and the bent gold ring

Brian Skinner, and Australian photographer was photographing on the Newcastle beach during a storm and enjoying taking the lightning shots visible in a distance. But suddenly a bolt struck his hand, turning it charcoal black. Not only this his gold ring was also bent - which he claimed saved his life.

Almost a month after the incident, Skinner claims he had the psychic ability to hear what people were thinking and that he had superhuman 'heightened sensory capability' and could hear and see very clearly. Mr Skinner says he was very strong and jokes: 'I wondered if I was turning into Superman!'

Watch the video below that was shot by his friends standing behind him when Skinner was struck by the lightning. The video has since gone viral on the net:

Read more about this interesting yet life threatening episode at Daily Mail

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