Monday, September 14, 2015

Make life easier by doing the things right we have been doing wrongly

Life today is much easier than it once used to be. With lot of gadgets, we can do things which once took lot of time and labour too. But for some, too much technology is hard to digest while some tuned to using assisted-gadgets find it hard to do simple and easier things by hand and are at loss even solving simple problems.

I belong to a generation when one remembered the tables by heart and it was no big deal to multiply or divide numbers in one's mind without the help of calculators that came by much later. And today when I go to buy grocery or small items for the kitchen, I smile at the vendor boys struggling with the calculator while I had already done the calculations and know how much I have to pay and how much I will be returned when I make the payment.

Well that was just the premise for the video I am sharing down below. These are the simple problems which someone has solved for us to make our lives much easier without using any gadgets or tools. For example you may not have known how to use a straw while drinking from a can or peeling the garlic without 'dirtying' your hands and carrying the garlic smell the whole day long.

Now watch the video below I came across on Facebook:

Few things we have been doing wrong
Posted by Shahjehan Alam on Thursday, September 3, 2015

Do give these simple solutions a try at home - and you would pray for someone who came up with these solutions for our benefit.

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