Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fixing iPhone 5 Camera’s Purple Haze to cost iPhone loyalists $ 24.95 more

When you area loyalist of a gadget, you have to pay a little extra to keep and maintain it. And this what is going to happen to the Apple and iPhone 5 loyalists to fix the Purple Haze they may be experiencing when using the iPhone 5 camera.

Like many bugs that the Apple's newly launched iPhone 5 has, besides the map app, is the camera output which gives a purple haze and mars the picture quality. However, Apple has hurriedly responded to the issue, saying that users could remedy this by re-positioning the phone. But can this solve the problem?

Don’t worry, says Wahaab JB at Chip Hazard. Apple isn’t the only solution for this, you might be interested to hear that Fotodiox, an Illinois-based case-maker, has created an iPhone 5 case that it claims will fix that purple flare issue which the Cupertino company fails to solve.

CNET points to the new cover, which places a piece of rubber over the iPhone’s iSight lens to help keep stray light from coming in. Apparently it’s this extra light that causes the purple flare to show up in still photos and videos. See the following sample from the company which shows just how much their case is worth.

The camHoodie certainly looks like it would make a difference in your iPhone photos. You can buy this valuable add-on to your faulty-buggy iPhone 5 device from Fotodiox’s website for just $24.95. Is $24.95 too much?, well loyal Apple folks might beg to differ.


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