Friday, September 14, 2012

Do you NEED to buy iPhone 5?

Well now that the genie is out and Apple has unleashed its latest and much awaited iPhone, the oft question being asked now is: Do you need to buy iPhone 5, if you already have iPhone 4S?

Well to have a latest gadget in your hand may be one thing to show off, but would it bring any substantial change in the hardware you had been carrying in the form of iPhone 4S?

Well those who have iPhone 4S already and are a bit of tech geeks would know not to spend money for a marginal edge over their existing phone in its outward looks only - something sleek and lighter and of course new and 'latest.' But what resides inside is another story.

And the news is that Apple is reducing the price of iPhone 4S 16 GB model to $99 - well that is something substantial. With iPhone equipped with a 8MP camera, as iPhone 5 too has, what additional benefit one gets in buying a $199 iPhone?

Those buying iPhone 5 would say that it has new iOS 6, bringing in new features like a new Map App. But this map is to be downloaded separately and is not part of iOS 6.

And the sleek iPhone 5 is longer than iPhone 4S which slides easily in your pocket. Imagine iPhone 5's edge popping out of your pocket, like a lamp-genie itching to be released!!

Well soon the euphoria and hype of iPhone 5 would be over as more is known about its 'additional features' and hardware performance. And what if after a few weeks or months Apple announces iPhone 5S improving the drawbacks in iPhone 5 after customer feedback, just like it did after iPhone 4? What would you do then?

I think after reading comments and analyses on internet, I will hold on to my previous phone and wait till Apple brings out something substantial, competitive and inviting as compared to many advanced android based smartphones available in the market, free from the hassle of jailbreaking and other Apple and iPhone specific restrictions.

What are you thinking?

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