Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Brace for Apple iDrone

I think many would have thought that after unveiling the much awaited smartwatch, Apple has been dried of the ideas. But to surprise of many, there is yet many things the Apple has up its sleeve to ks and gadget enthusiasts.

Here comes Apple's Drone!! Surprised? Well some may be as drone may not have been on the wish list of gadgets geeks as far Apple is concerned.

The drone or should we say 'iDrone' has surfaced - though in a conceptual stage. But the photos leaked show something sleek and curvy that may one day be darling of the gadget lovers or those who love to fly remotely controlled planes.

As can be seen from the leaked photos, the iDrone is likely to be equipped with four cameras that may provide a panoramic aerial view live.

The iDrone is likely to be be seen in the sky around you a year from now in 2016.


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