Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A day with the dolphins at the Dutch Dofinarium

Everyone loves to see dolphins - the giggling giant fish that we see in movies entertaining people or even going side y side the ships in open seas - just like they were shown in the movie Titanic when this gigantic ship sailed from the port.

Like all others, I too wanted to see dolphins from close quarters and be amused. And finally I got a chance when I visited Holland in September 2014 last year. I along with my family earmarked a day to visit the famous Dutch Dofinarium in the city of Harderwijk, near Amsterdam. There are seals and walrus show too, but the dolphins carry the day. Herein under are some of the photos I took and a video that I made while watching the dolphin show at the Dofinarium - Europe's biggest sea mammals aquarium.

My son and my wife outside the big domed indoor pool for the dolphins show
 My sons readying for the dolphin show

The show began with an awesome slide show and clips about Netherlands with dramatic sound effect, as can be seen in the photos above and below before the show began.

It was as surprise that a dolphin came so close to us and was allowed to be patted by a young boy before she swam back for an awe inspiring show of almost an hour long. See some of their feats in the video at the end of the post. 

After the magnificent show was over, we had a photo session as did all the tourists inside the dome to mark our presence in the Dolfinarium - something that is a life time meomry.

A tourist was nice to shoot us after the end of the dolphin show
We the couple posing in front of the dolphin show domed pool

Now it is time to watch the video of the spectacular show by the dolphins of Dolfinarium:

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