Monday, March 16, 2015

The 'Real Bird Eye View' of Dubai

Hobbyists are amazing people. They always find something novel to dream, adopt and finally give it a real practical life. Ever thought of flying in the air and seeing the world below? Well at one time or even more in our lives, everyone does dream of flying in the air and seeing the world below.

When the aircraft was being invented, or should I see when the man was trying to imitate the birds and fly like them, many enthusiasts made structures and gadgets that looked like a bird and by means of mechanical actions they tried to fly. However, the could not, till the aircraft was invented.  

But how about a bird eye - the real one? Well I just saw a video and straightaway got on to writing this post to share something that really gives us a bird eye of Dubai. The enthusiasts wrapped a camera over an eagle and flew him from he top of the Dubai's Burj Khalifa, as can be seen from the photo above. The bird flew magnificently, hovering over Dubai and giving us a live coverage of the Dubai or the bird eye of Dubai. The 'Eagle then lands' dead on ground landing site on its trainer's hand amid a huge applause from the onlookers.

Watch this magnificent video below:

Amazing - isn't it?

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