Saturday, August 1, 2015

Hobby Lobby comes to an end

I first heard of Hobby Lobby in my childhood, the mid 60s, when one of my elder brothers Jamal Hameed Bhatti along with a friend of my eldest brother Gul Hameed Bhatti used to make RC airplanes from kits made by Hobby Lobby. We used to go to a rather non-functional runway of Lahore Flying Club and there we flew these RC planes made of Balsa wood and paper.

And inspired by the name, I initiated this blog of mine and named it Hobby Shobbys.

Now I hear that after many decades of serving the RC gadget lovers, the building from where the Hobby Lobby began in 1964 has been torn down (photo above).

This building had some nostalgic memories for all the RC pilots and gadget lovers, who looked upon it as the sole reservoir for anything that moved or flew with a RC.

JoAnne MArtin, wife of the man who founded Hobby Lobby sums up her 40 years association with Hobby Lobby as under:
I worked at HL for 40 years, met and married my husband there, and absolutely loved my job! My husband was the owner and the employees were my family! I watched both flourish and succeed! I still have my husband and I still have my family! Maybe the business and building are gone but memories will never go! I am happy knowing that my family loved it there and have moved on as "kids" will do. I think no one will ever forget their days at Hobby Lobby!
Good Bye Hobby Lobby - you shall always be missed.

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