Friday, July 31, 2015

Trophy hunting is OK - but don't kill icons like Cecil

Once mighty  Cecil - the darling of tourists succumbs to trophy hunters

Trophy hunting has been taking place since many centuries and specially by the British royalties and the colonial rulers who could find nothing but rabbits in their prairies and turned towards prized animals in the wilderness of Africa and Indian sub-continent.

even when the colonial rulers went back, hunters continue to pour in from all over the world into Africa and hunt wild animals, specially big cats and antelopes to take back their skins and heads for decorating their homes or even selling these at exorbitant prices to the rich and famous.

While hunting is one of the most loved and adopted hobbies around the world, it draws criticism from the animal lovers who want the wild animals to be preserved for the future generations.

Recently, the killing of a majestic and mighty lion named Cecil in Zimbabwe by an American hunter, Dr Walter Palmer, a dentist from Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S., has drawn sharp reaction and response from across the globe. Cecil has over a period of time has almost become a darling of tourists visiting the Hwange National Park of Zimbabwe.

Reacting to the sharp outcry from the public, the White House said it would review the public petition to extradite the dentist after it exceeded the required 100,000 signatures. White House spokesman Josh Earnest said it is up to the Justice Department to respond to an extradition order. In the meanwhile the killer doctor is facing the threat of prosecution in the U.S. and his international hunting organisation membership has been suspended.

Watch the video of once mighty Cecil roaming in the Zimbabwean wilderness:

The majestic Cecil that once roamed the Hwange National Park of Zimbabwe is now no more. But time has come that strict hunting ethics are enforced and icons and landmarks like Cecil are not hunted away just for the sake of love of hunting of cold blooded individuals Dr Walter Palmer. We must safeguard the living rights of these animals and hunters must not be allowed to hunt them just because these reside in poor African countries where hunters from world dominating countries roam free, without fear of being caught and taken to justice.

Read more about Cecil and public outcry and reaction at: The Mail Online

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