Friday, July 24, 2015

Snow Mowing - Innovative use of remotely controlled gadgets

Remotely controlled gadgets are fun to handle - specially flying small to big and even very big air planes - I have shared videos of some very big air planes models being remotely flown. But this is all for fun for hobbyists who take a day off, after assembling their gadgets and planes and go to green pastures to enjoying a flying day.

But this is only hobby. But what if a utility is also added to these remotely controlled gadgets to help in assisting one's manual work? Say when it snows and one has to shovel one's drive way froma sheet of snow?

I recently came across a video on Facebook and was fascinated by the innovative use of a RC gadgets - in this case a small RC earth mover assisting in clearing the driveway from the snow. Although this small gadgets cannot remove snow piled up over the night - but keeping in view its size and capability, the idea is not bad at all. Rather I would say extremely innovative and creative.

See the video below:

¡Así lo hace cualquiera jajaja! #CircoMEGA
Posted by El Circo on Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Well this is one small effort - and as I said far larger air planes are being flown by hobbyists, this tiny snow mower can also be built bigger for more strenuous work and removal of far heavier pile of snow. 

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