Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Use a giant 'pencil sharpener' to peel vegetables

We have been sharpening pencils with pencil sharpeners since our childhood - but what about peeling vegetable with a gadget that looks like a pencil sharpener - only bigger in size.

Well that's true. Karoto peeler can remove the skin from root vegetables in 30 seconds. And that is not all. The 'shavings' it creates can also be used to decorate salads.

Scroll down for demo video

The Karoto looks and works like an oversized pencil sharpener to peel vegetables such as courgettes and carrots or any similar-shaped vegetable such as the cucumber or parsnip.

Priced at £9.95, the Karoto peeler can speed  up the task and reduce the  danger to fingers in using a knife or peeler.

The kitchen gadget is 3-inches long and 2-inches wide and can also be used to sharpen carrots, for example, for presentation purposes.

Jenni Day, sales manager at London-based Luckies - the gift site that sells the Karoto in the UK - said: 'The Karoto is a really fun, quirky gift that can make preparing dishes a bit more interesting.

'It makes peeling vegetables easy and can be used with any long root vegetables such as carrots, courgettes, parsnips, and cucumbers.

Watch the demo video below:

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