Monday, December 30, 2013

Top 10 Spy Gadgets that real James Bonds used in the 60s

When we watch James Bonds' movies, we are awe stricken with the secret gadgets used by the character in beating back his Russian counterparts. But we many not be surprised to know that many spy gadgets used by actual James Bonds of the secret services of Russia, USA like the KGB and CIA and other countries use almost similar gadgets which are perfectly disguised to deceive the opponents.

The technology has changed manifold, but view the following amazing gadgets with the kind of early technology of the 60s - in fact it is less to do with the technology and more to do with the innovative minds of those unknown inventors who made James Bonds' mission possible.

1. Umbrella that shot poisoned darts
2. A miniature cyanide gun
3. A transmitter hidden in the heel of a shoe
 4. CIA tool kit was designed to be concealed anally by agents in the 60s
 5. 4.5mm Gun, mounted in the chuck of lipstick by the KGB

And that is not all - here some more innovative and awe-stricken spy gadgets:
6.  A camera disguised as a watch, from the German Secret Service
 7. A system for listening radar and air defense systems discovered by KGB agents
 8. A CIA bomb disguised as a rock (the other box contains camouflage paint for the bomb)
 9. A bomb disguised as a flask
10. A concealed gun that could be hidden inside a glove 
Well these are some of the amazingly crafted spy devices of the 60s. You may watch some more given here !!

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