Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S4 likely to be launched February 2013

Well the launch of Apple's iPhone 5 has disappointed many, even the Apple iPhone users. All that is new is that it is sleek and loner - just like a TV remote control. With a few small improvements here and there, there is nothing 'substantial' that could make someone really want to buy iPhone 5, except by those who want to hold a 'latest device,' nothing more, nothing less.

Samsung, which has better phones, easy to operate and load software, rather than getting into lengthy jailbreaking, is becoming more popular even in Apple's home country - the USA.

While Samsung Galaxy S III has shown better business and much more technologically advanced that the Apple devices, has now decided to bring in Samsung Galaxy S4. 

As reported by Wahaab JB at Chip Hazard, the Galaxy S4 is reported to launch/unveil at the  annual Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona, Spain and would release the next month (March). 


The next Galaxy is likely to feature a five-inch screen (versus 4.8-inch on the SIII) and LTE capabilities and will allegedly run Samsung’s quad-core Exynos processor. From the outside, Samsung’s phone will “retain its popular rectangular shape with rounded corner concept”.

Well for those who have been disappointed by the grim features of iPhone 5, they have now a  new gadget coming early next year, which may overshadow the Apple's new iPhone 5 and force it to go for another iPhone 5 S(tretched) with no well defined edge over Samsung.

The 'war of phones' may never end between Samsung and Apple.

Further Update [19 September]: Samsung has refuted any such rumor of launch of Galaxy S IV - Read more: Imposing Headlines


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