Saturday, December 22, 2012

Steve Jobs's $198M yacht stranded at Netherlands

Although Steve Jobs is no more, his passion of cars and yachts is still echoed in the news headlines.

While he was known to change his car model every six months simply because he never wanted to have a number plate on his car, his passion for yachts also made his choice unique and peculiar.

Steve Jobs' yacht stranded at Port of Amsterdam [Photo: Ed Oudenaarden/Agence France-Presse/Getty Images ] 

Jobs while alive had ordered a uniquely sleek luxury yacht specially designed for him by French product designer Philippe Starck, now stands docked and stranded at Netherlands over a civil dispute with the designer.


Reportedly, Starck had only been paid $7.9 million US by Job's heirs, but believed he was owed $11.8 million. The boat cost $197.9 million.

The 78.2-metre all-aluminum yacht with a minimalist aesthetic is docked at Port of Amsterdam.

via CBC News


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