Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Incredible interactive two 'billion pixel image' of Everest

Photography is one of the most common hobbies around the world. Many develop this hobby from their early ages with cheap cameras and then the hobby continues to develop from casual to informal and finally the formal world of photography.

Those who venture into the world of formal or professional photography come out with wonders that are simply astounding and awe inspiring.

Screen shot of interactive two billion pixel image of the Everest [Daily Mail]

Filmmaker David Breashears is one such person whose passion in photography and later film-making has taken him to the rooftop of the world - the monumental Mt Everest along with a nonprofit organization GlacierWorks photograph the Mt Everest and its surrounding peaks and glaciers to highlight the effect of climate change on the area. The team which extensive photos of the Mt Everest has produced an incredible interactive two BILLION pixel image of Everest which can be seen Here.

The Breashears-GlacierWorks team has also issued a group of 477 photos digitally stitched together (above)  that make up the gigapixel image of the Khumbu glacier. These photos have been captured by David Breashears during the spring of 2012, from the Pumori viewpoint near Mount Everest.


Then and now: The Main Rongbuk Glacier in the Himayala region photographed in 1921, left, and in 2009 by the Glacier Works team. 

The team has also produced stunning set of 'then and now' pictures to show the effect climate change on the area since 1921.  The images are awesome as we can see huge glaciers replaced by water as the glacier no more exist. This the price we are paying by depleting the natural reserves due to our negligence and inability to control emissions that are the main cause of melting of the glaciers due to global warming effect.

Watch the video below:

Read more about it at: Daily Mail

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