Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Collectors grab Greta Garbo's Personal Things for $1.6 Million at the auction

Just a few days ago, Rain Man's Buick Roadmaster, the 1949 model classic was auctioned off for a whooping $170,500 - the same Buicky that was driven by Tom Cruise in the movie. What a delightful collector would be who bought the car, hired only $357.20 a week during the shooting of the movie.

Greta Garbo's personal belongings that were auctioned for $1.6 Million [Auction Items Photos: Julien Auctions]

But more than recently, personal belongings of great Hollywood actress Greta Garbo went on auction and fetch $1.6 million - more than three times the original estimate, according to Julien's Auctions.

Remember Great Garbo? Well she was the Hollywood's most romantic heroine of the 30s and her belongings were still very much sought even after twelve years of her death.

Some of the personal belongings of Greta included her passport, black velvet dress, bag and hats she so lovingly donned during her movies.


Only her U.S. passport issued in 1964, sold for $15,000 - three times the estimate of $3,000-$5,000, while a black velvet evening dress from the Thirties that had an estimated value of $1,200 went to the highest bidder for $13,750.

Besides, an antique gold pocket knife sold for $8,960, her jewelry set for $9,600, a favourite pair of Ferragamo shoes hit $8,125, and a Maltese cross brooch went for $13,750.

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