Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Reputed "Titanic violin" likely to be Auctioned

Are you a collector? If so get ready to add a rare violent to your collection.

The violin is not ordinary but it made headlines when it was played on that fateful night when the mighty luxury liner Titanic was sinking.
Scene from 1958 film: A Night to Remember

The scene has been immortalized in movies like 1958's "A Night to Remember," in which the band played on to calm the Titanic's passengers as chaos and icy waters swept over and sank the so-called "unsinkable" ship. It's a scene later revisited in James Cameron's film version. The story is real by survivors' accounts, and unlike the fictional Jack and Rose, bandmaster Wallace Hartley was a real-life star.

And how the violin survived. Well it is presumed that in the final moments, Wallace used a bag to protect the one thing that he valued most to him, his violin. He strapped the bag around his shoulders, above his life jacket, in the hope that he and his violin would survive.

The 34-year-old musician's body was found floating in the icy water 10 days after the shipwreck, among 1,500 people who perished.

Although some personal belongings were noted in the paperwork for "Body #224," initially, there was no mention of a violin among his possessions. But in the days that followed, newspapers reported that Wallace had been found with the instrument. And in her diary, Mariah Robinson thanked Canadian authorities for its return to Britain.

(via CBS This Morning)

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