Sunday, May 31, 2015

Keep your camera ready always - you may catch something stunning (Video)

Photography is one of the most adopted hobbies around the world. Everyday tons of photos are shot and uploaded on the net, some really stunning, awesome and leave the viewers awe stricken.

However, the best photos are those which are taken when many like to watch a catastrophe happening or an accident taking place. There are few who choose to freeze the moment or even make a video.

It takes seconds for an aviation disaster to occur and withing a few seconds more, the debris fall on the ground or sea - the moment is too short to capture. But those who always keep their cameras ready, may capture a moment of lifetime.

It is not necessary that any viewing may end up in an accident, but a casual viewing, shooting or a video may become priceless if an accident occurs.

I just came across this video by an amateur photographer, who made a video of two aircraft performing a routine above the skies of Alba Adriatica  on Italy's east coast.

While one of the pilots of the aircraft was lucky to survive, the other wasn't and perished, sadly.

Watch the video below:


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