Monday, December 24, 2012

Sketch a portrait with one continuous line

Painting, sketching and portraiting is a much adopted hobby around the world. There are hobbyists whose passion is to draw portraits both of the living and the legends now no more.

But the portraiting attains its height when a portrait is made of one continuous line - that is once the sketching starts, the tip of the drawing pencil remains in contact with the paper - even during pauses.

One line sketch of Marilyn Monroe

This is the specialty of the Self-taught French artist Pierre Emmanuel Godet, who has attempted to make his work as basic as possible by painstakingly drawing famous faces from across the decades with just one single continuous line. And the results are simply classic.

Godet has managed to create lifelike sketches of stars including Marilyn Monroe, Bono and Michael Jackson using his simple technique. The end result is similar to drawings produced on Etch-A-Sketches - the popular drawing toy invented in the 1960s - but without the red plastic toy frame.


Godet’s first attempts were chalk drawings on the streets of Dublin, Ireland, but as he got better he transposed them on canvas, with Indian ink. In the beginning he created simple shapes, like animals and symbols, but as he became more experience he moved on to more elaborate works, like celebrity portraits.

One line sketch of Elvis Presley

Godet started his collection of celebrity art back in 2010 and has since produced portraits of some the world's greatest film stars, movie characters and singers.

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