Thursday, January 31, 2013

Portraits: Back and White Photography or Pencil Sketches

Man can be deceived by what he sees by men who have talent, expertise and grasp over their skills.

Kelvin's extraordinary art work - Lady Diana [top], Jmaes Morrison [bottom L], Mother Tresa [bottom R]

And this is what British artist Kelvin Okafor exactly does by drawing portraits with pencils - but it takes an expert eye to differentiate these from an actual photograph to a pencil drawn portrait.

Kelvin's art work shows his extraordinary skills of pencil drawings, created purely by hand — with no digital trickery.

Kelvin Okafor, whose only tools are a set of pencils, a piece of paper and the occasional stick of charcoal (though most of the pictures don’t even require that). Yet no matter how closely one looks, there’s not a pencil line in sight.

Kelvin says about his art work:
‘I draw in sections. I’m right-handed so I work from left to right. After I’ve finished the left eye, I work the nostrils, then the left side of the cheek, then the lips. I always work in that order. I work for four hours in one go, take a half-hour break, work another four to five hours, then have another half-hour break. After that I’ll work for as long as I can. Sometimes I might work ten to 15 hours in one day. It takes me on average 80 to 100 hours to do a portrait.’
Watch the video below as to how Kelvin creates his masterpieces:

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