Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Download Demon’s Score THD For Android Tegra 3 Devices [Official Link]

Square Enix has released Demon’s Score THD  for Android Tegra 3 devices Saturday, which is now available for download via the official Google Play Store.

Demon’s Score is Square Enix’s Unreal Engine built rhythm-based RPG title which at the moment is only available for Tegra 3 based Android devices. Being a rhythm-based action game, you have to literally act upon the rythm by tapping or swiping to the beat of it to attack the enemies. You can choose between one of the Story or Free mode to get into rythm and tap the hell out of your Android device.


One of the greatest edge these Tegra 3 powered Android devices have over the iOS devices is the twice the resolution than other versions of the game, resulting in higher-quality and sharper graphics.

So head towards the Google play store now from the link below and get this awesome title for an expensive price-tag of $20.07.

Official Download Link for Demon’s Score THD For Android Tegra 3 Devices

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