Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Download Official Wimbledon 2012 App For Android and iPhone for FREE

At this time of the years fans of football and tennis are awake the worldwide, watching the Euro 2012 semis being played today and tomorrow and of course the Wimbledon tennis championship being played on the green green grass of London.

Now Wahaab JB writes at Chip Hazard that while the iOS platform had been blessed by the official Wimbledon app before, for the the first time the most well-known tennis tournament in the world now has an Android app as well and is available for download via Google Play.

Wimbledon app provides users with access to LIVE scores, results, schedule of play, news, player profiles and a collection of videos like interviews, golden moments, highlights etc. This app can also serve useful to those luck people who are attending the event also as they can the “Find It” tool to locate facilities around the grounds at Wimbledon.

The app is absolutely free of charge, and a must-have for anybody that loves to follow the tennis. Grab the appropriate version from links below:
Download Official Wimbledon 2012 App  [Android]
Download Official Wimbledon 2012 App  [iOS]

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