Friday, May 25, 2012

iPad 3,3 Jailbreak Support Added In Upcoming Absinthe Jailbreak

With the Absinthe jailbreak for iOS 5.1.1 running devices (both A4 and A5) coming this week, po2dg has announced that jailbreak support for iPad 3,3 will also be included in the upcoming Absinthe jailbreak. 
OK just added iPad3,3 support to Absinthe thanks to @flawlessfox. Only remains iPad2,4 now but we need the actual device.
Any people of #HITB2012AMS has an iPad2,4? Model number: either MC954 or MC989. Please check in Settings / General / About
Pod2g, MuscleNerd, and several other iOS hackers are in Amsterdam at the Hack In The Box conference in which they’ll disclose more info regarding jailbreak. With only one device left to add to Absinthe 2.0, it looks like we could very well see the 5.1.1 jailbreak drop this week. There’s even talk that the Chronic Dev Team and company might release it Friday, during the Dream Team’s HITB keynote.
Lets see if the jailbreak comes as early as this Friday or not.

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