Sunday, April 1, 2012

The evolution and growth of iOS and Android [Infographic]

These days there is a race between Apple's iOS and Google's Android to dominate each other. Wherever two young people are sitting, they are generally found discouraging their smartphones and the Os installed on these. In fact it has become a passionate hobby of many to dig in more and more into their respective OSs to score a point on the OS of their friends.
Just today, I came across this interesting Infographic at VentureBeat and thought of sharing it with my readers as it not only traces back the history of 'evolution' of both iOS and Android, it also gives an important reservoir of information which the both OS lovers would want to lay their hands on.

The Infographic below has been created by mobile security start-up Lookout, puts it all into perspective, highlighting the major Android and iOS milestones over the course of the past five years. 
Scroll down and you will find it interesting and informative as well:

Infographic courtesy: Lookout


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