Friday, June 29, 2012

Download Free Google Drive App For iOS

The DropBox competitor in the world Cloud storage solutions Google Drive , has finally made its awaited debut in iOS platform, joining Google’s Chrome browser as the second Google developed offering to hit the rival iOS platform, writes Wahaab JB at Chip Hazard.

This official app will give users the ability to access and view any uploaded files in their Google Drive folder (just like DropBox) . Additionally, the app will also allow any documents that are stored in a corresponding Google Docs account to be viewed. The new Drive app allows documents to be viewed natively on the device and edited immediately.
Google Drive accounts receive 5 GBs of free cloud storage, with in-app options to purchase more as needed. However, this might not be a solid deal since cloud services like DropBox have been in the scene for a while now because of which many promotional deals are already in place which can give you more storage space than Google Drive.
The only attraction for iOS users to try out this service would be because of the Google name-tag on it. Time will tell if this “late” move by Google would enjoy the same success as from the Android platform. 
Download: Google Drive from HERE.
[via Chip Hazard ]


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